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Welcome to AkuNami Lovers Group


to Axel and Namine group from Kingdom Hearts


:flame: AXEL/NAMINE DAY : 8th of February. :flame:

This is a group dedicated to Axel and Namine from Kingdom Hearts.

If you love them just JOIN US.

Whether you think they are romantically interested with each other or not.

They are two great characters from Kingdom Hearts so we thought they deserved a group dedicated specially for them!

We found the connection between them in the fact they had been forgotten for a very important person for them and they were still alive and trying to meet those important people once again.

They never stop believing they could somehow be remembered. They also doubt about their existence, but they felt like they have a heart.



:bulletred: You must support Axel and Namine as a pairing or in a separated way.

:bulletred: No art submissions in violation of deviantART policies will be accepted.

:bulletred: When submitting put it in the right gallery folder.

:bulletred: Be respectful with the other member opinions.

~It would be nice if you could recommend this group to your friends.
I have noticed that there's no many people interested in this couple, I hope this will increase a bit.

~I'm sure there's many people who likes them but don't know about the existence of this group dedicated for them!


They share a place in Chain in Memories, where they meet for the first time. They are also the only survivors in the Castle Oblivion, so they are the only ones who remember what happened in the Castle, since Sora and company had forgotten.

In KH2 we found that they were suposed to be eliminated by the Organitzation XVIII, which they belonged. But Riku let them run away and Axel took Namine with him (because she atually didn't know how to use the portals properly). So we think that in that period of time they could have become good friends (or something else).

Later in KH2 Axel tries to get Kairi for Namine because she knows that Kairi needs to be whole again, like Roxas did.

First, Axel let her escape from Marluxia's room. It was actually part of Axel's plans, but she felt recued by him. And later Axel fights against Marluxia while he was holding namine prisoner. She was finally rescued by Sora anyways.

Then Axel found Namine in a closed and get her out of the world that never was. That make twice she was suposely rescued for him, which is actually only one, but Namine doesn't know.

And finally, Namine rescues Axel from desapearing, and for the first time he apologizes and thanks her.

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Helloo! how are you?? its been a long time since the last time I wrote a joural!

I want you to know that I'm still here, like always ^^ AkuNami will never die!
I haven't post anything lately but never doubt that I'll always be around :love: and be sure I'll submit some art in short time! I'm about to finish some artwork about mi fanfic, which I'm thinking to publish in here too. (It's in spanish, though)

I also wanted to announce that :iconakiraxangel: is a co-founder again!!
Please keep creating some art abot them! and stories! Everthing! I'm glad to share all my love and art in this place! I love you people! :heart:

Today, I wanted to share with you something that I already posted on my deviant id xD :iconkingdom-hearts-realm: Shared it once and I adore her for that and more reasons ^^ She made me really happy when she showed me! xD I only wished they draw the scene in the manga comics.

It is a... nice AkuNami secret scene! :heart: :heart: :heart: ENJOY :love:


I hear the sound of waves.
Could I have turned into a Dusk?
Axel slowly opened his eyes at the sound of a voice calling him.
“Thank goodness!”
Namine was sitting on the beach, cradling Axel’s head. The evening sun was brilliant, thought Axel, glancing around him as he lay on the ground. This seemed to be the seashore near Twilight Town.
Axel noticed a man in a black coat standing near Namine and jumped up.
“Don’t move yet.”
Relaxing at the fact that the voice coming from the man in the black coat was Riku’s, Axel lay down again—but started and stood up once more upon realizing that he’d been lying on Namine’s knees.
Namine tilted her head worriedly.
“Ah…um, well—“
Axel tried to explain why he had gotten up again, but the world spun around him, and his head abruptly returned to Namine’s lap.
It seemed that he still couldn’t move. Even so, using her knees as a pillow felt awkward.
“You’re surprisingly weak,” said Riku with a slight smile.
At those words, Axel frowned and opened his eyes. Then he spoke quietly.
“It’s not like everyone in the Organization is as tough as Roxas.”
Namine’s small hand touched Axel’s forehead. It was cold and pleasant.
He couldn’t bring himself to brush it away.
“That man—Saix is strong, isn’t he.”
“You met him?” Axel asked Riku, opening his previously closed eyes.
“Yeah,” answered Riku, turning his gaze toward the horizon.
“Kairi got captured by that guy.”
Axel closed his eyes again. If he kept them open, the brightness of the sunset was a little painful.
“I know.”
Riku continued to gaze at the sunset, unmoving.
“I’m sorry.”
Axel spoke with his eyes still closed, and Riku finally turned around.
“Thank Namine. The one who rescued you when you were disappearing was Namine.”
At those words, Axel raised his eyelids once again. Namine was gazing at his face silently.
He had never thought that he, who had once made use of Namine’s special power, would be saved by that same power.
“…Sorry—I mean…You saved me. Thanks.”
Saying those words, Axel closed his eyes again.
Until now, he had never apologized to anyone or thanked anyone.
That was part of what it meant to lack a heart.
—For instance, did words like “I’m lonely,” “I’m sorry,” and “Thank you” have any meaning for him, who had no heart?
Because he had no heart—there was no heart wrapped up in those words.
That hurt.
For someone without a heart, was there even any meaning in the word “hurt”?
“What’re you going to do now?” inquired Axel with his eyes still closed.
“What should we do to save Kairi?” Riku replied, drawing near to Axel, who was still lying on the ground.
“—We have no choice but to infiltrate the castle.”
Axel opened his eyes and slowly raised the upper half of his body as he spoke. His vision wavered and his whole body hurt. However, he couldn’t afford to rest here forever.
Namine gazed anxiously at Axel.
“How will we sneak in?” asked Riku, kneeling to meet Axel’s eyes.
“Oh, I’ll go do that,” said Axel, staring back into the eyes beneath Riku’s hood.
“Aren’t you being hunted? How can you manage that?”
“I’ll figure it out somehow. For now, I’ll watch and wait. That castle’s pretty big,” said Axel, the corners of his mouth turning up in a grin. “Meanwhile, I’ll keep tabs on the Organization for you.”
Axel got to his feet unsteadily.
“Namine, I’ll help you meet Kairi. Wait for me at the mansion.”
Namine stood up, and Axel grinned.
“Riku, drop into town once in a while. Let Namine know what’s going on with the Organization.”
As he said that, Axel raised his right arm slightly. Behind him, a space-time portal opened.
“You guys help out Sora on your own. Got it memorized?” Axel told them, continuing to smile.
“Weren’t you planning to turn Sora into a Heartless?” Riku asked, getting to his feet.
Axel shrugged his shoulders and said, “I changed my mind.”
“…What do you mean?” Riku asked Axel, not understanding.
“I’m not telling,” Axel said, still smiling, and vanished into the corridor of darkness.…
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Feel free to join if you support AkuNami :3
Axel X Naminé to be sure x3
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